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  • Something to consider: Artists

    Something to consider: Lately, people don’t respect artists. 

    We live in a world where people think Disney or J.J. Abrahms can make a better ‘George Lucas’ movie than George Lucas. We live in a world where people are petitioning for what should happen to the characters in the ‘Frozen’ sequel. We live in a world where Netflix creates shows based exclusively on subscribers viewing data. 

    Love or hate George Lucas—Star Wars is his. If he sold it, fine. Creators can expand on the characters and universe however they like. However, people who assume Disney, J.J., or anyone else get Star Wars ‘more right’ than Lucas did are missing the point. Whether or not Lucas’s films were what people expected or wanted, they were his creation. Just because fans love one movie and hate another, doesn’t make one movie more Star Wars—only more effective to that viewer or audience. 

    I recently read that people are petitioning for the next Frozen movie to include a female love interest for Elsa. Whether or not that is a good idea, isn’t the problem here. The problem is that it’s censorship and people don’t realize. It’s similar to dictatorships of the past where art had to promote the ideas that government found important. Whether or not the ideas injected in someone else’s art are socially cheered or jeered, has no bearing. Adding or subtracting to someone elses vision is censoring the creators intent. To assume that a petition filled with signatures should change another persons creation is silly. I like to imagine a petition being signed by thousands in 1805 for the next Beethoven Symphony to include Kazoos.

    Here’s another thing to imagine. Aliens trying to take over the world, watch all of your viewing habits and then create shows exclusively on that data. “Here you are earthlings, I believe these actors and stories will be adequate for your consumption.” That’s what people are signing up for. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and others have every subscribers viewing data and transform it into hit shows. That’s fine. It’s an industry in which profitable products (shows) are made. However, people consume this stuff and neglect to realize what they watch isn’t art or expression. It’s manufactured to align with your ideals, interests, sense of humor, and so on. When Walt Disney worked so hard on Snow White, it was a risk. Critics thought viewers would go blind looking at a color cartoon in feature length. Media called it a flop before it was ever released. They thought an animated feature couldn’t have a story with any depth. However, it was a record breaking success upon it’s release and the rest is history. 

    Art can make you smile, but it doesn’t always. You can agree with it, but you won’t always. Art will have answers, but not all of them. Art has no obligations but to exist. Art will not exist as a form of true and raw expression, if we as a society aren’t more aware of the underlying ethics at hand. We have to promote individuals who cultivate integrity and unique creative visions. If we don’t everything will be the same. Every Network, Theater, TV channel will play the same things. These are my thoughts, but feel free to start a petition if you would like me to make an edit. :) To summarize I’ll quote a friend: “Don’t let your preferences become your limitations.”