• 1:31 in C# Minor

    Recently, I released the ’1:31’ EP. Running about twenty-one minutes in length, it consists of seven parts to be played without a break. The sound is a blend of mellotron, piano, guitar, drums, a few synths, 808’s and voice. The music however, is a reference to Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 14 Op. 131. 

    '1:31’ has the same number of parts, same key areas, use of transitions, and even some thematic elements as Op. 131. That being said, it isn’t necessary to be familiar with this work of Beethoven to appreciate this EP.

    Although it may appeal to fans of classical music, and could likely work as an introduction of Beethoven to a new audience, that was never the intent. It was a vision I had late one night. A few weeks later, it was written and recorded. This music was created because I felt compelled to do so. Now, I am releasing it for others to listen.

    1:31 is available on iTunes

  • New EP, Out Now!


    '1:31' consists of seven parts to be played without a break. More info soon.

  • Looking Forward

    2014 will be coming to a close soon. It initially felt like a bit of a slow year for me musically. I think back to creating music for three episodes of the web-series Unfold, releasing the "Sketches" video series, producing music for the talented Jimmy Ventura, composing and performing an original piece of music for the 'Caress of Progress', and being featured as the soundtrack to the wake boarding video 'Dawn Patrol'. Turns out, not a bad year at all!

    I'm thankful for the opportunities and friends this year brought. Also, anybody listening, downloading, or sharing the music I create, THANK YOU. That being said, 2014 isn't over! Something special is coming.

  • /un•fold/

    Unfold is a web series about people, places and culture. I was commissioned to do the music for this episode by Andrew Nater, series creator. This particular episode of Unfold features Zack Nollinger discussing his thoughts on Orlando and food culture. Andrew and Zack are both friends of mine, so this was an especially fun project to work on. Looking forward to collaborating again in the future!

  • Sketch No. 1

    This is my third and final post for the day. An update was long overdue.  I recently finished up some production work for Orlando based R&B artist Jimmy Ventura and Unfold (see above.) These projects were both fun and exciting to be a part of!

    My current focus is a series of compositions that once finished, will be recorded and released as an album, then performed live in the order presented on the album. The idea is to have all of the musical ideas relate to each other in a way that is best conveyed in a specific sequence, similar to the movements of a classical piece. I started a "sketchbook" of my ideas in the form of a video series.  These specific themes may or may not be used, these experiments however, are valuable lessons in form and tone.Hopefully when all is completed, these videos will serve as a little insight into the creative process.

    one last thing: I also posted the complete performace of "Progress" in the Media section. A 15-minute original composition created for "Caress of Progress" 

  • Caress of Progress

    March 28th and 29th, THE SPACE in Orlando will be completely transformed into "The Caress of Progress"-- an hour and half show that blends live music, storytelling, and theatrics. This event will feature original music from Frank Friend, Logan Quarles, Kasper, and Afeefa & the Boy with art from Shine Shed. There will be four opportunities to experience the show (9 p.m and Midnight each evening.) Each show has a limited audience of 25 people so RSVP now! 

    Orlando Weekly explains "Caress of Progress."

  • Quick Update

        Thank you to the many enthusiastic people that have made it out to catch Frank Friend & The Enemies LIVE! We love playing these songs, but having YOU there makes it all worth while! Still, we are continuing to refine and enhance the sound of everything in our set. You are invited to come and hear the progress on Saturday, March 30th at Odin's Den in Winter Park. More info here.

    More shows are already in the works. As well as a couple secrets to be unveiled in a few days. Stay tuned!


  • Orlando Show with Mirabeau, Empire Theory.

     It's New Years Day, and may your upcoming year be among the finest you've known. Let's begin the year properly, with a show in downtown Orlando, Florida. This January 25th at Backbooth you're invited to see and hear the sounds of Frank Friend, Empire Theory, & Mirabeau. It's an early night with doors at 7:30pm and the show starting promptly at 8pm. Tickets are $7 at the door or $5 in advance. Start the year by getting familiar with some new music in beautiful, downtown Orlando!

    Where: Backbooth. 37 West Pine Street  Orlando, FL 32801
    When: Friday, January 25th
    Doors: 7:30, show at 8:00pm 18+
    Admission: $5 Advance, $7 at door
    Bands: Frank Friend, Mirabeau, Empire Theory
  • 2012 Highlights

    "Like Sharks On Blood" full length released 

    ª Remix Contest for "Try To Stay Awake"  

    Produced "No Words" for Jimmy Ventura's debut album

    Rockfreaks "Like Sharks On Blood" review

    New store added to the site!

         Thank you for purchasing and listening to "Like Sharks On Blood." Thank you for giving positive feedback and sharing on social media outlets. Thank you to the many people who participated in the "Try To Stay Awake" remix contest! It was such an amazing experience to hear so many talented people creating so many great remixes. Thank you to Jack and Colin Margerum, Andrew Nater, Gerald Douglas and Jimmy Ventura for the quality collaborations. Thank you to Paul Solorzano and Aaron Tobin for making our trio what it is--real nice. Last but not least, thanks to everybody who showed support at a live show or by purchasing from the online store.