• 1:31 in C# Minor

    Recently, I released the ’1:31’ EP. Running about twenty-one minutes in length, it consists of seven parts to be played without a break. The sound is a blend of mellotron, piano, guitar, drums, a few synths, 808’s and voice. The music however, is a reference to Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 14 Op. 131. 

    '1:31’ has the same number of parts, same key areas, use of transitions, and even some thematic elements as Op. 131. That being said, it isn’t necessary to be familiar with this work of Beethoven to appreciate this EP.

    Although it may appeal to fans of classical music, and could likely work as an introduction of Beethoven to a new audience, that was never the intent. It was a vision I had late one night. A few weeks later, it was written and recorded. This music was created because I felt compelled to do so. Now, I am releasing it for others to listen.

    1:31 is available on iTunes

  • New EP, Out Now!


    '1:31' consists of seven parts to be played without a break. More info soon.

  • Looking Forward

    2014 will be coming to a close soon. It initially felt like a bit of a slow year for me musically. I think back to creating music for three episodes of the web-series Unfold, releasing the "Sketches" video series, producing music for the talented Jimmy Ventura, composing and performing an original piece of music for the 'Caress of Progress', and being featured as the soundtrack to the wake boarding video 'Dawn Patrol'. Turns out, not a bad year at all!

    I'm thankful for the opportunities and friends this year brought. Also, anybody listening, downloading, or sharing the music I create, THANK YOU. That being said, 2014 isn't over! Something special is coming.